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New CC has a dynamic and high-quality staff with solid FDI investment knowledge, and specialized foreign languages and is carefully selected to approach and advise directly foreign investors coming to Vietnam for the first time.

In addition, New CC also has the participation of experienced Japanese experts to improve the knowledge and skills of internal staff and provide direct advice and guidance to foreign investors. New CC confidently brings customers the most suitable project from design to construction.

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Large general contractors are divided into many contractors with similar operating methods and capabilities.

Competitive Pressure Is Getting Fiercer


The heavy impact of this 4th wave of Covid made market demand decrease, many projects were delayed or canceled. Public investment projects are congested and input prices increase, while the budget estimates cannot be adjusted. FDI projects in the manufacturing sector were also delayed because investors could not come to Vietnam, and production and business activities were delayed due to many supply chains being disrupted.

The Ability To Expand New Customers Is Still Limited

It is a fact that the ability to access and expand new customer groups and projects of many construction businesses is currently facing difficulties due to the way of searching, assessing, and approaching new opportunities in the market.

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Most construction enterprises have not yet paid attention and focused on researching how to do and invest in Marketing. While customers are foreign investors, it is difficult for them to find information and approach businesses early due to obstacles in terms of distance, language, culture…

Besides, the ability to convince customers to use products and services in the construction industry is still limited. Most businesses often only focus on reducing prices, promoting personal relationships, or using outside influences to influence to push products faster.