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Linear Perforation


Round Perforation


Slot Perforation


Woodek designs and builds acoustic and decorative panels for walls and dropped ceilings for auditoriums, theaters, Library's , hotels and all kind of projects. With the help of the modern technology we have in CNC machines for precise cutting and perforation of wooden panels, we are able to meet all of our client's requirements whether in decibels or NRC (Noise reduction coefficient).

Along with advanced engineering studies and tests, we are also able to deliver different solutions for different design requirements whether the required perforation in cladding is round perforation, Slot Perforation or even Linear perforated panels.

Woodek also has a successful history and portfolio of delivered projects using full acoustic cladding systems manufactured and installed by Woodek like the Auditorium of the Alsson Schools in New Giza in addition to the Auditorium of Europa Schule - Mivida campus which was under the supervision of Emaar...etc