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Door Panels

Door Panels

The door panels of Woodek are produced with several internal structure cores and hard wood perimeter that guarantee a long-term of stability.

Woodek is also able to provide door panels with several interior solutions such as tubular core, honeycomb, full chipboard core and blockboard core. In addition to the massive wood doors.

Tubular core


Classic or modern, choose the style for your solid or laminated wooden doors.

Woodek offers a wide range of solid and laminated, interior and exterior wooden doors. The over 50 decoratives codes in the catalogue give you the possibility to choose both interior or exterior doors in more classic and modern style and colours, such as white, walnut or cherry in classic style, and doors with a modern touch in matrix finishings with relief textures, not to mention the refinement of the CPL doors.

Fully customizable wooden doors: from the type of structure and opening

Woodek doors offer a wide range of opening solutions. Hinged doors, interior sliding doors, folding doors with standard or custom dimensions. We can produce doors, adaptable to every environment and with standard dimensions of each proposal. A full customization of the type of structure ( solid wood doors, honeycomb doors, tubular doors or Solid Cores doors) and finishings (doors with glass or other accessories) allow us to meet all needs and customizations required.

Environmental friendly wooden doors, guaranteed by Woodek

The main feature of Woodek interior & exterior doors is the presence of solid wood frames and architraves that make the door more durable. The wood used to produce our doors is 90% important through annual contracts with the best suppliers and sawmills around the world whether in Germany , France and North America. Every detail and specification is agreed upon with our suppliers and partners before hand like the moisture content , environmental compliance , Etc...